Rich Shield TWO with I2C LED Matrix / RGB LED / Joystick / Encoder / DS18B20 / PIR Humn Sensor / Sound Sensor Module for Arduino


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This Rich Shield TWO has many advanced components onboard such as I2C LED matrix, mini joystick, battery display, rotary encoder, DS18B20 temperature sensor, human sensor, sound sensor. It is easy and great for Arduino trainer and starter.

1. Onboard I2C LED Matrix:16×8 pixels, can display character / some graphics;

2. Onobard Joystick: can detect the position information of the thumb;

3. Onobard Battery Display: include 10 led bar, one piece is blue, four pieces are green, 3 pieces are orange, and the other one is red.

4. Onobard Rotary Encoder: can rotate 360 degrees, output 20 pulses in one rotation, good to used to adjust some setting value. It also include a button that will OUTPUT high level when you push it.

5. Onobard DS18B20 Temperature Sensor: digital temperature sensor,use one signal line to detect the temperature range of -25 to +100 degrees celsius.

6. Onobard Human Sensor: output high level for 5s when it detects the movement of the human or animal, otherwise it will output low.

7. Onobard Sound Sensor: output analog value according to the loundness of the voice. The lounder the sound, the larger the output value. The output value will quickly drop to zero when there is no voice, so you can detect the voice easily.

8. Onboard 4 bit RGB LED: Based on ws2812 RGB LED, a single IO can make it display different color on every LED which can be controlled alone.

9. It also leads out the female pin header for HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor,and you can plug the sensor onto it directly.

What projects you can learn to do:

Rotary encoder control pointer on LED Matrix;

Joystick control snake game;

Battery display follow sound loundness;

Ultrasonic distance measurement and display;

Temperature measurement and display;

Human sensor control RGB LED.


– compatible with Arduino, OPEN-SMART ONE R3, MEGA2560 board;

– Operating voltage: 4.5V – 5.5V

– Operating current: 100mA (MAX)

– Usage: Student training, Sensor study, for Arduino code program.


Part List (Schematics and program can be sent, Please contact us)

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